Classic mystery on stage in Buffalo opening this month


And Then There Were None, a mystery play by Agatha Christie, being produced this fall by Buffalo Community Theater, goes on stage at the Discovery Auditorium beginning October 31 through November 9.  Make sure you are in the audience for this exciting mystery thriller guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Eight people, all strangers to each other, are invited to Soldier Island, off the English coast.  Vera Claythorne, a former governess, thinks she has been hired as a secretary; Philip Lombard, an adventurer, and William Blore, an ex-detective, think they have been hired to look out for trouble over the weekend; Dr. Armstrong thinks she has been hired to look after the wife of the island’s owner.  Emily Brent, General MacKenzie, Anthony Marston and Judge Wargrave think they are going to visit old friends.
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