Discovery in Rossing missing case


A search warrant obtained by Fox 9 News in the case of missing Howard Lake man Christopher Rossing details a grisly discovery in a fire pit south of Hutchinson. On Oct. 13, officers executed a search warrant at the property shared by Gwen Butcher and Robert Nuttall, both of whom are charged in Rossing's kidnapping. The search came two days after volunteers found bone fragments scattered in a cornfield across the street. Evidence recovered from the fire pit was a knife inside of a garbage bag, several keys on a keychain, multiple bone fragments, teeth, axe, ice chipper, shovel, cell phone SIM card, and a soil sample.
Butcher is out on bond, and was staying at the farmhouse on 150th Street as recently as Saturday, Oct. 11. That's when she called police on volunteer searchers getting close to her property. Those searchers came across bone fragments in a cornfield just south of Butcher's property. Wright County investigators were called to the scene and collected multiple bone fragments that were spread out across 100 yards of the unharvested cornfield. Most of the bone fragments collected were found between a grass ditch and the first few rows of corn directly across from the driveway to Butcher's property. The fire pit that was searched on the property is located 60 to 80 yards from where the bone fragments were collected.
The Midwest Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the bone fragments collected had evidence of fresh bone burning. The bones analyzed by the medical examiner appeared to be from a human skull, toe, foot, spine and hip. Since the bones were burned, DNA could not be extracted.