Maple Lake continues to be Irish tough and rallies around #69


It was a perfect night for a football game, however, there was an air of sadness at Friday’s homecoming festivities. The Maple Lake Irish football team considers themselves a brotherhood, and the team was missing one of their brothers. Morgan Moeller, #69, was in a terrible car accident on September 18 and has been  hospitalized at North Memorial in the Neuro ICU unit ever since. Community members sold bracelets for $2.00 that said #69irishtough at Friday’s homecoming game to support Moeller and all of the proceeds from the bracelet sale were donated to the Moeller family.
   Not only did the football team prove that they were Irish tough defeating Rockford 45 to 15, Moeller has also shown signs of his toughness. According to Morgan’s aunt, Maggie Irmiter, there have been wonderful signs of progress. Morgan actually opened his eyes on Sunday and turned his head towards his mother, Melissa’s, voice. “ The plan is to move Morgan to Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul to begin rehab this week…  apparently life in the ICU has been too boring for him and they’re kicking him out”, said Moeller’s aunt on his CaringBridge site.
Community members can still help out by visiting Morgan’s Caring Bridge site at: and Give Forward site at: