4th Annual Food Shelf Funding Drive program begins

On January 1, 2015, the Buffalo area’s Masonic lodge, Nelson Lodge No. 135 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, began its 4thAnnual Food Shelf Funding Drive program for the year.  As in years past, they are focusing their efforts on the Buffalo and Maple Lake/Annandale area food shelves. This year’s drive will end on February 28.
 What makes the Mason’s Food Shelf drive different from other organizations’ drives is that their supporting charitable benefactor, Minnesota Masonic Charities, provides a matching grant.  For every dollar that Nelson Masonic Lodge No. 135 can raise, Minnesota Masonic Charities will match the contribution up to a maximum of $25,000. That is Twenty Five Thousand Dollars, for a combined total of $50,000.  Since they support two communities, both have a $50,000 limit for a total donation of $100,000 donation.
Over the past three years, generous individuals, local businesses, and organizations in the surrounding communities have donated $100,138 to Nelson Masonic Lodge No. 135 Food Shelf Funding Drive. Minnesota Masonic Charities matched these generous donations with matching donations of $124,993. A total of over $225,000 for the local community food shelves in just three years.
 The Masons thank everyone for their support of the local food shelf programs.
 How community members can help donate to the food shelf in your community:
Make a donation by writing a check payable to Nelson Masonic Lodge No. 135. Please, this is important, do not make it payable to the food shelf. In the memo area of your check, write the name of the food shelf you want your contribution to be donated to – Annandale/Maple Lake or Buffalo.  Deposit your donation at any KleinBank branch or mail it to KleinBank; attn: Masons Food Shelf Drive, PO Box 40, Buffalo, MN, 55313. Your donation will be deposited to the food shelf account you have designated. All funds deposited to the specific food shelf program will go to that specific program. Your donation, including the match, will go directly to the community food shelf you designate.  There will be no sharing of funds.  There is absolutely zero administrative expenses. Literally 100% of all donations are donated back to the food shelves – including the match.  How simple can this be to really make an impact for your local food shelf program.  
About Masonic Charities:
Minnesota Masonic Charities (mnmasoniccharities.org) supports the Masonic family of orders within the state of Minnesota. Since April 2008, Minnesota Masonic Charities, on behalf of the Minnesota Masonic family, has presented the University of Minnesota with an extraordinary gift of $100 million – the largest gift ever made to the University – to seek the cure for cancer.  Minnesota Masonic Charities also has supported the family of Masonic orders by matching grant programs for scholarships, local community projects, support for schools, youth programs and public welfare services for all members of the community. 
To find out more information about the Masons or to become a Mason, please visit the main page of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota’s website mn-masons.org