CJ’s Deal Depot


After sitting empty for over a year, the Hwy. 55 building last occupied by McLeod’s Ace Hardware re-opened this month as CJ’s Deal Depot.
Owners Cory Geyer (the ‘C' )  and Jeanine Halloran (the ‘J’ ) live in Buffalo, but saw Maple Lake as an ideal spot for their new business.
“We’ve been looking for a place to do this,” said Geyer. ”And this location has everything we were looking for, plus we had the chance to be in a small community and, hopefully, make a difference.”
With the doors open for only two weeks and a philosophy of keeping inventory turning, they‘ve already gotten good feedback from area residents.
“It’s been great,” said Geyer. “We've been getting lots of people stopping in and saying we’re a good fit for the area.” 
“We didn’t want to stick to one thing,” said Geyer. “We’ve got lots of variety – something to fit about anyone’s needs.” 
“We’ll always have the basic everyday needs,” added Halloran. “Shampoo, vitamins, things like that, and good prices on them, too, but we’ll keep trying to add things that people are looking for.”
With leftover stock from the hardware store to build on, the couple also stocks a full line of RV and fish house parts as well as household goods and furniture that they showcase in the front of the store. “The front left (as you enter) will always be changing,” said Geyer. “In the two weeks we’ve been open that section has completely changed once already. As of now we don’t have to wait for new stock to arrive, we’ve got a lot of stock on site and can quickly move something new in to take the place of anything that’s sold. We’ve even gotten bigger things in the trailers, more sporting goods, pool tables, ping-pong tables, things like that. “
Another reason for CJ’s already repeating customers is a familiar-to-Maple-Lake face, John Wisecarver. Known locally as the man behind Lacy’s Legacy Scottie & Westie Rescue, Wisecarver is CJ’s sole employee. “I saw an ad in the paper and stopped in to say hi,” said Wisecarver. “They said come back tomorrow and here I am. I really enjoy being here and am surprised about how many people I know stop in. It seems like I know about every other face!” 
The final piece of the perfect-fit puzzle? The couple also rents Ice Castle fish houses by the day or week. “We own the fish houses you see out front,” said Geyer. “They’re set up to be towed – you can take them anywhere you want to go.”
The fish houses sleep two and are fully set up, including propane, and rent for $150 for 24 hours or $500 for a week