Mad scientists welcome


Mad scientists were definitely welcome to MLE’s Family Engineering Night.
The event, held on March 17th, actually got its start in February of 2014 when Kris Harlan, MLE principal, attended the Winter Institute for Elementary Principals. With grade-level requirements in math and science scheduled for revision in 2015/2016,  she was especially interested in an engineering presentation by the Science Museum of Minnesota. Combine that with the $1,000 MLE receives each year from Resource Training & Solutions, a Minnesota Service Cooperative, and a great idea was born.
“We purchased some new engineering kits for our different grade levels, 3,4,5 and 6,” said Harlan. “We were also able to invite Jessica Holm from the Science Museum of Minnesota to come to our school for the program.”
Harlan, planner and coordinator of the event, was able, with the help of staff volunteers, to welcome a sizable crowd to the Tuesday evening program. “We had about 270 in attendance, it was fabulous,” said Harlan. “But it wouldn't have happened without the help of all the great staff volunteers."
There were five stations that students and their families rotated to, each offering a challenge rooted in engineering, all encouraging hands-on participation.