New Maple Lake Ambassadors Crowned


Mayor Lynn Kissock hosted the coronation of three new Ambassadors who will represent Maple Lake in the coming year. Held at the High School Auditorium following the parade, she welcomed Aquatennial Royalty, families of current Ambassadors and Ambassador candidates, as well as visiting Ambassador Royalty in the “Sparkle Section” to the ceremony. Ambassadors from 37 area communities and Wright County organizations attended the morning brunch, parade and coronation. Mayor Lynn thanked committee members, business sponsors, community partners, parents and families and all who supported the Ambassadors, candidates and program. 
The current Ambassadors had an opportunity to share parting thoughts and a photo slide show highlighting their past year. Lori Elsenpeter’s favorite moment was “anytime she could place her crown on a little girl’s head.” Courtney Klingelhoets’ favorite was Sparkle Night at the Twins game, and Blair Stewig’s favorite moment was singing Karaoke at the Silver Lake Ball. All mentioned experiencing lifetime memories, lasting friendships and deep gratitude to families and sponsors for the special opportunity to represent their home town across the state. 
Queen of the Lakes, Laura Swartz, pinned the Commodore Medal on Steve Mooney for his multiple contributions to Maple Lake organizations and the community. Ambassador Blair was chosen as Maple Lake’s representative to the Minneapolis Aquatennial celebration this July, and Ambassador Courtney bestowed upon candidate Heather the new Miss Congeniality title.
All three candidates were crowned as official Maple Lake Ambassadors after answering an impromptu question and enduring a slight bit of playful drama by Mayor Lynn.  Ambassadors will spend many upcoming weekends learning about other communities as they represent Maple Lake. In the fall, Ambassadors Maya Ortiz and Maddie Nelson both plan to attend the University of Minnesota, and Ambassador Heather Blahut will pursue further education at Gustavus Adolphus.
Courtney Klingelhoets offered a final word of advice to the new Ambassadors, “Be more, do more, inspire others!