“Pack the Suburban” a huge success


Ten-year-old Trevor Pribyl’s birthday wish to take his gifts and give them to other sick children in the hospital was met with approval from more than his fourth-grade class. With family, friends and social media getting the word out, over 500 gifts were delivered to the University of Minnesota’s Children’s Hospital on Monday. 
According to Trevor’s mom, Rachel Pribyl, the hospital staff was very excited to receive gifts now. Everyone brings gifts at Christmas time, they said, never in the spring or summer.
“This week has been a blessing,” said Rachel. “The support of the Maple Lake community is amazing! I do not have words, we are just so proud of Trevor for wanting to help others, and how his small act of kindness grew into a great day for so many.”
KARE 11 TV, contacted by Maple Lake Councilwoman Deb Geyen, was there to film the event, highlighting it on Monday’s 6 p.m. news broadcast.
“Trevor was shocked when I told him that the news was going to do a story on him. I don't think he believed me,” said Rachel. “He thought it was really cool to see himself on TV and that they wished him a happy birthday, too.”