Maple Lake High School Students of Excellence recognized


Even though the weather was a perfect April evening, it didn’t keep 154 high school seniors from heading indoors for the 28th Annual Students of Excellence Banquet and Recognition Ceremony. The event was Wednesday, April 29, at the River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud with over 600 attending, including parents, favorite teachers, and school administrators.
As the crowd gathered prior to the event, students greeted one another and visited about spring sports, prom, plans for college and just wondered what this evening would be about.  On the other hand, parents talked about their children leaving for college in the fall, the weather and if the Minnesota Twins would win that night.  The foyer was filled with laughter and warmth.
The evening’s presentations began with Dr. Rob Cavanna, executive director of Resource, referencing the movie Dead Poet’s Society.  English teacher, John Keating played by Robin Williams, uses unorthodox teaching methods to get his students to think differently, to use their imagination and knowledge.  Cavanna used Keating’s command to “carpe diem” as his own challenge to honorees. “Use your time wisely, take advantage of opportunities and challenges, and to help others along the way,” Cavanna added.
Paul Durand, Rockford School District, served as the presiding superintendent for the evening.  He brought words of congratulation on behalf of the superintendents in the region.  “You are the messengers we send into the future,” he said.  “We are confident our world will