MP Nexlevel: Offering opportunities as horizons expand


Founded in 1973 and currently headquartered in Maple Lake, utility construction contractor MP Nexlevel is a longtime local business fixture that has broadened its horizons well beyond its hometown roots. 
One of this area’s fastest-growing companies, MP Nexlevel provides services to communications, wireless, renewable energy, power, gas and other utility markets throughout the central United States. In the past five years the company has installed more than 12,000 miles of fiber optic cable in thousands of telecommunications, power, city and state government projects. 
Perhaps best known for its construction services, MP provides many technical services as well, including DSL and fiber connections for homes and businesses, project management and design, fiber splicing and testing, utility location and network installation. 
And as America’s complex communication needs continue to grow, the horizon – for MP and its employees – is expanding accordingly. Propelled by a record of consistent annual, double-digit growth, the company now aims to add even more quality personnel to its roster, both here and across the country.
Local and travel opportunities 
“As the company grows, employees have an opportunity to grow as well and move up the ladder,” said Don Zwilling, director of marketing. “Most of our management people have come up through the process, and started out as operators and laborers.”
A leading local employer, MP currently offers a wide variety of opportunities that range from entry-level laborer positions to equipment operators and project management. Specifically, its current target needs are for laborers and operators, with a particular requirement for heavy machinery diesel and truck mechanics to repair and maintain about 1,500 pieces of machinery, vehicles and equipment. 
Local and travel opportunities are available for all of these positions. The MP brand is licensed to work in 32 states across the country and employs about 1,200 people in strategic locations across the United States. Travel positions are usually linked to the company’s larger projects, which range in duration depending on size and scope. Travel, lodging and per diem are covered by the company, with flexible arrangements for visits home between assignments.
‘A career place’ 
 “MP can be a career for people,” said Rob Pribyl, vice president of operations. “We have opportunities for all different levels of skill sets. We offer longtime careers, and that’s how we want our employees to feel. That’s how we grow. We’re not offering people dead-end jobs.”
Much evolved since its early days when the company consisted of local residents Larry and Tim Pribyl, their backhoe and a dump truck, MP anticipates many opportunities for further expansion of both services and geographical coverage. But for all of its growth and achievement, MP Nexlevel remains a family business that takes pride in its small-town roots, and welcomes interested job-seekers to explore opportunities the future holds for both the company and the people who have made it a success. 
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