Brute’s Bleat: June 10, 2015


Our six days of walleye fishing on Lake of the Woods out of Prothero’s Post last week for seven anglers was blessed with good weather and good fishing with only rain for a half day on Tuesday morning.  The group consisted of Mike Muller, George Palmer, Lloyd Brutlag, his son John; Charles Brutlag, Wayne Rusten and myself. We fished both Minnesota and Canada waters and found the walleyes hungry.
    The bait of choice was night crawlers and after 15 years of fishing with us we finally convinced Muller to use them. The switch was good for him financially as he won first fish honors twice ($2), Palmer twice and yours truly once.  It was a week when the walleyes were either too large or too small, mostly too large for the 19 inch max.  We enjoyed shore lunches four of the days and this year brought along seven of the Muller Theatre popcorn oil pails which gave us each a place to sit while enjoying the fresh walleyes.
 Our boat, Muller, Palmer and myself, seemed to have an edge on unusual happenings. On Sunday Muller got into a fight with a walleye and came out second best with a hook through one of his fingers. I used a pliers to cut off the barb and he pulled out the shaft. On Tuesday afternoon our fishing time was cut short when the electric trolling motor went dead. None of us figured out what was wrong, and actually nothing was. Overuse at a high speed tripped the on-line circuit breaker which we found out when consulting with a local Min-Kota dealer on the Angle.  You can say it was a lesson learned!
There are several weed beds in the Angle inlet which were again productive for all of us at various times. They’re one of Lloyd’s favorite spots, something he learned from his brother-in-law years ago.
Charles and Wayne had a first and largest contests with them splitting several times and Charles winning both categories twice. Lloyd and John caught three keepers out of the roughly 10 fish they caught Saturday evening with one 22 incher which had to go back (19 in. Max.). Lloyd also had a 17 inch small mouthed bass on Tuesday. 
The 31 card games were a disaster for me winning only one, but Charles was elated with back-to-back wins and one more for three. Mike, George, and Wayne each had two wins. John and Lloyd had to leave Wednesday, John to head back to Dallas, TE for work; and Lloyd to get ready to change residences in Elk River. 
The five of us fished Monument Bay on Thursday, mostly for a change of scenery, because we needed only fish for our final shore lunch, having filled out the previous day. Palmer had the hot lure and outfished Muller and myself more than I care to admit.  It was uncanny, he’d drop his bait to the bottom and immediately have a fish!
It was another fun week for us to remember and to look forward to again in 12 months. Our reservations is for a May 31 starter in 2016.