Letter to the Editor: July 29, 2015


President Woodrow Wilson submitted the League of Nations Treaty to the U.S. Senate in 1919. Many senators didn't trust Wilson for having manipulated them into World War I, so they voted the treaty down. This League of Nations was intended to be the skeleton apparatus for a future world government. So in 1920 the pro-world government people organized the Council on Foreign Relations to indoctrinate and condition the American public to accept such a world organization. Later when World War II ended in1945, the United Nations Treaty was ratified by the U.S. with only two dissenting senate votes. This is quite a 25 year success story for the C.F.R. to have indoctrinated Americans so well that there was almost unanimous approval for the United Nations. Today the C.F.R. is alive and still very influential. Alger Hiss was the first acting Secretary General of the United Nations in 1945. It was later revealed that he was an American spy for the Soviets. The Rockefeller family donated the land that the U.N. building rests on. One of the senators in 1945 who voted against the United Nations was Republican Henrick Shipstead of Minnesota. The other was Democrat Bill Langer of North Dakota. They were men who refused to be psychologically stampeded with the herd. Tom Emmer, please take note.
Finally we have to ask ourselves why would a heretofore Conservative Legislator like Tom Emmer from Minnesota's most conservative Congressional District support such a monstrosity like TTIP? Part of it may be the unreal artificial culture climate of the greater Washington, D.C. northern Virginia area. It is the highest per capita income area in the U.S. because so many of these people are on the Federal salary Gravy Train.
But it goes much deeper than that. One of the most revealing indications about a politician is who he surrounds himself with and depends upon for advice. Vin Webber is the key man on Emmer's Finance Committee. If you check the Internet for the Board of Directors for the Council of Foreign Relations you will see Vin Webber listed as a member of this elite group that is subverting American opinion to accept World Government. Membership in the C.F.R. is by invitation only. Vin is from southwest Minnesota, and was bright and Conservative, and was elected to Congress. The longer he was in Washington, D.C. the less conservative he became. He is no longer a Congressman and is now an influential Liberal whom we suspect is the key to understanding why Emmer is betraying his oath to be loyal to the Constitution.
Tom Emmer informed the Carver County Republicans that he would not be at the July 25th picnic at the park outside Waconia. He can run but he can't hide. There will be other opportunities to speak with him in the coming weeks. Please remember to be polite.
Yours truly,
Ed Burns
Mayer, MN