Brute’s Bleat October 7, 2015

Vanna and I gave grouse hunting our best effort on Saturday even though the few reports I had were not good. We started hunting north of Pillager in the Meadow-brook Wildlife Management Area we had hunted before. It looked good, but the only game bird we put in the air was a woodcock shortly after we got started. Our next stop was north of Staples in another WMA where we harvested the grouse shown with Vanna. We had one other opportunity, but never got a shot off. We didn’t hear much shooting which is a pretty good indication of the lack of birds. All in all it was a good day for hunting and Vanna got hot a few times, but didn’t point any birds. . . I convinced Daryl Hennen to go with George Palmer for an afternoon of sunfish angling last Wednesday. We found out they were still biting on Indian Lake and after about three hours we had 16 sunfish and one crappie in the live well. Hennen and Palmer each caught a couple of bass which were of the catch-and-release variety. Both Palmer and Hennen out-fished me, but we all shared in filleting them. Hennen gave me some good-natured fishing advice commenting at one point when the end of the rod wiggles I should be setting the hook. He felt it might be my slow reaction time which I’m not ready to accept, so I took his advice with a grain of salt! . . Several local hunters have been getting their bears, but the largest I’ve heard about was a 350 lb. specimen harvested by Zack Ordorff in New Mexico. Zack was hunting with an outfitter who used dogs. He was using a .44 Magnum and shot his male bear the first day out. It was the second largest bear this season for his outfitter. . . . Mike Muller gave me a run-down on his first goose and duck hunting trip to Manitoba with his son, Ken. They limited out on Canada geese (30), but the snow geese apparently were still further north. He said they had a few cackling geese and seven ducks of which several were pintails. Ken was .500 on ruffed grouse going one-for-two. Apparently the grouse are hanging back in the woods. Mike hoped the hunting would be better when he goes back for a second trip. He said he had some great meals at Jim and Val Baker’s house where he stayed; and at the Sam and Joanne Rowluk farm where they do most of their goose hunting with the Rowluk boys. He also commented about a St. Martin Cafe where he put on the breakfast feed bag which was also good for $10.00; three eggs, hashbrowns, limp bacon (the way he likes it), sausages, ham and toast, and a beverage. . . Mike said he and Jim were at a cafe one day when some dignitaries including the Manitoba Premier, Greg Selinger, and the Minister of Agriculture, Ron Kostyshyn, came in and introduced themselves. Elections are conducted every four years. Muller was impressed, to say the least, when they shook hands. Baker, on the other hand, had some issues with the ag. guy about the deer poaching by the natives on his property. He’s also an outfitter for big-game hunters and doesn’t take kindly to those who wantonly break the laws. . . I can see why, it’s part of his livelihood!