Public Notice October 21, 2015

Sept. 15, 2015 Minutes
The regular meeting of the Maple Lake Township Board was called to order by Chairman Gerry Giebenhain at 7 p.m. Supervisors Ronald Wolff and Tom Neumann, Treasurer Judy Neumann, and Clerk Dick Hogan were present.
The minutes of the Aug. 18 meeting were read by Chairman Giebenhain. As no additions or corrections were noted, a motion was offered by Wolff, seconded by Neumann, to accept as read. Carried 3-0.
Dean Voss, contractor for the reconstruction of the Larry Pribyl home, updated the Board, stating the home would stay in the same place with a total reconstruction of about 9,000 total square feet with additions; variance from 50′ to 75′ needed. The Board tabled the variance request until the October regular meeting.
A representative from Charter Communications was present to discuss the consent resolution requested by Charter for continued operation in the Township. Charter’s operations will continue as in the past without consent. A motion was offered by Giebenhain, seconded by Wolff, not to introduce the consent motion. Carried 3-0.
Chatham Climbers 4-H Club requested permission to use the Town hall as their meeting place on one Sunday night a month at 7 p.m. beginning in October. Meeting time 1 to 2 hours; will clean up after the meeting. Permission granted.
Treasurer Judy Neumann asked if the hall could be used for funeral lunches if so needed. Stated other facilities were busy at that time with their own programs. The Board saw no problem with the occasional use.
All warrants were paid as presented.
As no additional business was brought before the Board, Chairman Giebenhain adjourned the regular meeting at 8:10 p.m.
Dick Hogan, Clerk
Maple Lake Township