Public Notice October 28, 2015

ORDINANCE NO. 2015-10-20
The Town Board of Silver Creek Township, Wright County, Minnesota Ordains:
Section 1. Definitions
A. The terms “running at large” and “run at large”, when used in this ordinance, shall mean permitting a dog to stroll, wander, rove, or ramble at will and without constraint or confinement.
B. As used in this ordinance “Owner” shall mean any person, keeper, custodian, firm or corporation owning, harboring or keeping a dog.
C. As used in this ordinance “platted residential areas” refers to housing developments where three or more homestead lots are abutted to each other. It would not apply to homesteads where there are agriculture or pasturelands between lots.
D. As used in this ordinance “Animal Control Authority” shall mean any organization or entity employed by the Township or Wright County for such purpose and shall also include all law enforcement personnel.
Section 2. Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Dogs
This Ordinance expressly adopts and incorporates by reference the provisions contained in Wright County Ordinance No. 10-01, An Ordinance for Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Dogs in Wright County, as amended from time to time.
Section 3. Running at Large Prohibited
No Owner shall permit a dog to run at large within the platted residential areas of Silver Creek Township. Any dog found running at large may be impounded by the Township as provided in this Ordinance and may be destroyed if not timely redeemed as provided in Section 7 below. “Running at large” shall not include the foregoing conduct when the same occurs on the premises of the owner, keeper or custodian of any dog.
Section 4. Leash and Control
The restriction imposed by the preceding Section 3 shall not prohibit the appearance of any dog upon the streets of public property when such dog is on a leash and kept under control of the accompanying person. Further, the restriction imposed by Section 3 shall not apply when such dog is not on a leash, but is under the immediate and complete control of the person charged with its care, either by voice control or otherwise.
Section 5. Animal Control Authority Contract. The Town Board is empowered to contract with an animal pound keeper, an animal catcher and any other officers, including police officers, necessary to enforce the provisions, terms and conditions of this ordinance.
Section 6. Five (5) Day Notice. Any dog impounded under the provisions of this ordinance shall be kept in a pound for a period of at least five (5) days after a notice of such impounding has been posted in the Town Hall. If the owner of the dog is known, then the Township shall make reasonable effort to notify the owner of the impoundment. All impounded dogs shall be fed and treated in a humane manner.
Section 7. Redemption of Animals. If within five (5) days the owner of such impounded dog shall pay the costs of such impounding, as specified in Section 9 below, then the owner shall be given possession of the impounded dog. Upon the expiration of the five (5) days specified in Section 6 above, any person may claim or redeem such impounded dog by paying the costs aforesaid.
Section 8. Unclaimed Animals, Disposal. If any dog impounded for violation of this ordinance has not been claimed or redeemed within the five (5) days provided in Section 6 above, then the Animal Control Authority or any other duly designated officer or agent of the Town is hereby authorized and empowered to destroy said dog in a humane manner according to law or to surrender the same to the local humane society.
Section 9. Cost of Impounding. The costs for the impounding and care of any impounded dog shall be the actual cost incurred by the Township.
Section 10. Safety of Person(s) Enforcing this Ordinance. The Animal Control Authority, animal catcher or any other duly designated officer or agent of the Town is hereby empowered and authorized to kill any dog found in violation of this ordinance if said dog cannot be safely taken up and impounded.
Section 11. Interference with Officers. It shall be unlawful for any unauthorized person to break open the pound or attempt to do so, or to take or let out any dogs therefrom, or to take or attempt to take from any officer or agent, any dog taken up by him in compliance with this Ordinance or in any manner to interfere with or hinder such officer or agent in the discharge of his duties under this Ordinance.
Section 12. Penalty. Any person, association, firm, corporation or other legally recognized entity violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to the maximum sentence allowed by law for such offense, unless the Town Board has by resolution has set a fine schedule for particular offenses hereunder. If the Town Board has set a fine schedule for particular offenses hereunder, then sentences for such violations shall be imposed consistent with said fine schedule. Any dog determined to have violated the provisions of this ordinance may be impounded, subject to the terms and provisions of this ordinance and other applicable law.
Section 13. Repealer. Ordinance number2001-02 entitled “An Ordinance Prohibiting Dogs Running at Large, and Prohibiting vicious Dogs” is hereby repealed and replaced by this Ordinance.
Section 14. Effective Date. This Ordinance shall be effective upon passage and publication in the official Township newspaper.
Passed by the Town Board of the Town of Silver Creek this 20th day of October 2015.
Mike Ludenia, Chairman
Silver Creek Township
Nancy Betzler, Clerk
Silver Creek Township