Public Notice December 2, 2015

Maple Lake Township
November 17, 2015
The regular meeting of the Maple Lake Board was called to order by Chairman Giebenhain at 7:00 PM. Supervisors, Ronald Wolff, Tom Neumann, Treasurer, Judy Neumann, and Clerk, Dick Hogan were present.
The minutes of the October 20, 2015 meeting were read by Chairman Giebenhain. As no additions or corrections were noted, a motion was offered by Neumann, second by Wolff to accept as read. Carried 3-0.
Brian Kaelike, owner of a lake lot previously owned by the DNR as an access lot. He can only place camper or other personal items for the day, and must be removed. Kaelike would like the restrictions removed. Lot is 1.2 acres and across County Road 8 from Ramsey Lake. Board was concerned with the amount of road traffic, which could be a dangerous situation with children. Also, removing the restrictions may allow more campers and recreation equipment to be placed on lot. After discussion, a motion was offered by Wolff to approve request, but failed for lack of second. No other board action taken.
Donnelly Drive road alteration bond and acceptance of new road were discussed. A motion was offered by Ron Wolff, with second by Chairman Giebenhain to lower bond to $30,000, subject to the payment of any open billings owed to Maple Lake Township from the alteration project. Also, the motion included acceptance of the new road by the Township as a Town road, subject to a two year trial period. Township will now maintain road. Carried 3-0.
Tom Neumann, 950 County Road 37 NW. (Supervisor) requested approval of the board to lease 15 acres of his property to a Solar Company for placement of panels for the production of energy. Contract is for 25 year period, with loss of building entitlement. Project to be fenced. Wolff offered a motion to approve request, second by Geibenhain. Neumann abstaining from vote. Carried 2-0.
A motion was offered by Wolff, second by Neumann to approve the creation of a website in the name of the township by the Clerk and paid installer. Carried 3-0.
All warrants were approved and paid as presented.
As no additional business was brought before the board, Chairman Giebenhain adjourned meeting at 8:10 PM.
Dick Hogan, Clerk
Maple Lake Township