Brute’s Bleat January 27, 2016

After fishing on Rush Lake with my brother, Chuck, on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday with limited success, I’ll admit it was much better than around here. We kept five Wednesday afternoon, wished we’d brought along a container to dip water into a pail so we could have released the fish. As it was, my other brother, Marlin, ended up with the fillets after he visited with us that evening. We spent an hour or so talking with other anglers and spearers on the lake Thursday as well as the Conservation Officer Chris Vinton from the Perham area. None of the fisher-people were doing much; he didn’t give us a whole lot of encouragement when he commented it had been slow all over. He was working with a trainee on her last day before transferring to Minneapolis and Lake Minnetonka. Apparently we looked like law abiding anglers as Vinton didn’t bother with a license check, asking only if we had any fish, which we didn’t. We hadn’t drilled any holes yet! We fished hard on Thursday in 8-10 ft. of water and for a while caught only tiny perch. The sunfish seemed to come and go, but catching any worth while took a lot of patience. We quit about 4:30 p.m. with 12 fish in our pail. I had one Northern out of the water, about 3 pounds, which managed to twist its way back and into the hole without any assistance!
Chuck decided he’d have to do more scouting on other parts of the lake and hoped to find more consistency and larger gills.
On Sunday I paired up with Daryl Hennen and we tried Maple Lake, out from the carp trap, for panfish. We fished from 6 ft. to 19 ft. and neither one of us got any bites, or saw any on the Vexillar screens. It was a warm day and there were quite a number of anglers on the lake, but those I talked to hadn’t had any success with either Northerns or panfish. I don’t have a clue where they have gone, but maybe they’re waiting for the ML Association fishing derby which has been postponed for two weeks to Feb. 20 with hopes for sufficient ice. The association has plowed the snow into windrows in a large portion of the lake off the Hwy. 55 swimming beach to encourage the ice to freeze down, and enough to conduct a safe derby. The Brainerd Jaycee tournament has also been postponed, that one to Feb. 6. They use a total of 60 ice augers and 120 volunteers to drill the holes beginning a day before the event. The long-term weather forecast doesn’t look favorable for ice-making and it looks like we’ll have a January thaw late this week to complicate things. But this is Minnesota and anything can happen.
* * *
I guessed right on one of Sunday’s football games with Carolina blowing Arizona right out of the stadium 49-15, but was wrong with Denver defeating New England 20-18. I’m sticking with the Carolina Panthers over the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl Feb. 7th. The Broncos may have a great defensive team and there will be a lot of sentiment for Peyton Manning, considering his age, but it looks to me like the Panthers have all the offensive firepower they will need both on the ground and in the air to win the big one.