Buffalo Floral: We have a little bit of everything

The experience and knowledge of the Buffalo Floral staff is always in high demand, but never so much as on Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day.

The upcoming holiday is the floral shop’s busiest single day of the year, according to Tim Speckel who owns the shop with his wife, Patty. And that’s saying a lot since flowers and the many uses for them keep the Speckels and their staff busy throughout the year.

There are weddings, holidays, funerals, prom and your everyday special occasions such as birthdays, thank yous, new babies, anniversaries, etc.

Tim likes to say that Mother’s Day is the biggest week of the year for florists, Christmas is the biggest month and Valentine’s Day is the biggest single day.

In fact, preparations for the big day start almost a month before Feb. 14th even arrives.

First the flowers and other products are ordered. Once the flowers arrive they must be conditioned and put into arrangements.

“There is a lot of prep work involved,” Speckel said. “We want to have everything ready so on the day before Valentine’s Day we can put everything together and the flowers are as fresh as possible.”

Once the day finally arrives, seven additional delivery drivers are needed to help Buffalo Floral’s regular driver, Lynn Ludders, who has been making deliveries for the family-owned company for many years. Back in the shop, Diane Buskey and Cindy Munn prepare the flowers and take new orders. Buskey has 30 years of experience guiding her, all of it at Buffalo Floral, and Munn comes to the local shop with managerial experience at Dundee Floral under her belt.

The group is led by Patty who has been in the industry since 1978 and is a former instructor of Retail Floristry at Hennepin Technical College.

Together the five, including Tim, make a formidable team, able to take on Valentine’s Day and anything else the floral shop has to offer, and Buffalo Floral has a lot to offer.

Besides being a full-service floral shop, Buffalo Floral also makes its own Christmas wreaths and roping for wholesale; offers a Christmas decorating service around the holidays; provides tux rental; and is a full-service landscaping company.

Tuxedo rental

Buffalo Floral has been renting tuxedos for the past 15 years. It is a service that naturally compliments the floral shop’s other services, weddings in particular. The Speckels and their staff are professionals at hall decorating, draping, ceiling lighting, center pieces and all other floral needs. Tim estimated the shop handles about 100 weddings a year.

Including tuxedo rental among their services makes them a one-stop-shop for couples.

The shop carries tuxes from two of the largest tuxedo vendors in the state, Savvi and Tip Top Tux, and there are more than 300 other styles to choose from, Tim said.
“Our staff has completed a lot of training and attended many seminars to keep up to date on tuxedo fashion,” Tim said.

Couples don’t have to be getting married to make use of Buffalo Floral’s tux services. Prom is another function where flowers and getting dressed up go hand-in-hand.
“Today’s prom couples are tomorrow’s brides and grooms. We treat them well because they are our future,” Tim said.


The landscaping side of the business has been around as long as the floral shop has been, a total of 34 years. Tim and his crew can help customers through every step of their project from designing it to building it, to maintaining it, and they will take on both residential and commercial projects.

“We build retaining walls, a lot of patios and we’ll also take care of planting,” Tim said.

Tim and his crew install irrigation systems and offer maintenance services including lawn mowing. In the winter, Buffalo Floral has a snowplowing service.
The Speckels and their staff pride themselves on their personal service and the creativity they use in everything they do.

“We’ve been here 34 years. I think that’s a testimony that we are doing something right,” Tim said.