Brute’s Bleat June 15, 2016

Setting up for our last shore lunch on June 5 on what we call Lunch Island at Lake Of The Woods are Wayne Rustad and George Palmer. The other three in this year’s group were Mike Muller, Charles Brutlag and your’s truly. We left for the Northwest Angle on May 31, driving in showers most of the way and enjoying breakfast in Perham. We had alot of rain showers to contend with at the Angle, but we managed to have a Walleye shore lunch five days running and believe me they were delicious. In our boat Muller had two first fish days, myself two, and Palmer one which paid $1.00 each day. We had a 13-inch minimum to qualify and I had one Walleye that measured 13 1/4 which both Muller and Palmer protested, claiming I hadn’t let them watch while I measured the fish. They lost! In Chuck’s boat Wayne edged Chuck with four largest and two firsts compared to Chuck’s three firsts and one largest. It took us a while to find the hot spots in the Canadian waters, but when that happened fishing was great. One afternoon off of High Island the three of us had Walleyes on at the same time. In other instances two of us fighting for the landing net wasn’t uncommon. First day out I fished with a jig and some Power Bait catching a 23-incher. Muller’s 24 was longer and first fish; and Palmer boated a 20 1/4. All had to be released. On Thursday a 36 1/2-in. Northern nailed a nighty on my spinning rig which gave us some excitement before Muller netted the fish left-handed. We each caught a Northern, but Palmer’s had a Walleye cross-ways in its mouth the first time he got it to the surface, and when he got it into the boat the Walleye was already in its gullet. I used a pliers to pull it out so the Northern could be released. Chuck and I each caught Muskies that were about 26 inches. Muller had a great time using a gold jig that seemed to be deadly compared to what Palmer and I used. He had a hot hand Sunday afternoon (our final day) before a thunderstorm put an end to our fishing off High Island. We waited out the first thunderstorm on a sandy beach in the Rowan and Martin spot. Our ride back to Prothero’s Resort was extremely windy and we were victims of the elements. Our bilge pump wasn’t operating and we took on a lot of water to the point where we weren’t making much forward progress, but we made it back to the resort. Because we were riding so low in the water Muller nicked a rock to add to the dilemma.
Besides our shore lunches our main meals were breakfasts. The pancakes and French toast, which we topped with real Maple Syrup from Phil and Terry Mooney, were favorites. We also enjoyed spaghetti which Palmer prepared, brats from Muller’s goose hunting, and steaks one night while we snacked the other evenings. Janis sent some peanut butter cookies along and Wayne provided a rhubarb pie which also were great treats.
Palmer was the big winner in our 31 games, 4; Muller had 3; Charles 2; and Wayne 1. My name is missing and so are my $10.
Chuck parked his pickup for the week and a robin decided the top of a front tire would be a good place to build a nest. He and John Prothero moved the nest to a more permanent spot. Anyway, it was another great fishing trip, and my thanks to Nick Pawlenty for subbing for me.
Congrats and good luck to the Irish baseball team who are playing in the State Tournament this week at St. Cloud. In a class act, third-sacker Nate Maas rallied the Irish to thank the fans for their support following the Section 5AA post-game trophy and medal presentation Thursday.