Legal Notice June 29, 2016

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that Corinna Township Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment will convene July 12, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Corinna Town Hall to conduct the following public hearing(s):
Reconsideration of conditions imposed on a May 2016 approval of a variance application to replace one stairway, widen another by 1.5 feet, add a retaining wall and replace a sidewalk with stepping stones so as to create a small net reduction in impervious coverage on a lot with approx. 18-20% building coverage (max. 15% allowed) and approx. 39-41% total impervious coverage (max. 25% allowed). Applicant: Allen and Dori Heinen. Property address: 11245 HOLLISTER AVE NW, Annandale. Sec/Twp/Range: 02-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206056003050.
Variance to construct a 6’ x 30’ open deck onto the lakeside of the existing dwelling approximately 42 feet from Clearwater Lake (min. 75 ft required) and 15 feet from the top of a bluff (min. 30 ft required). Applicant: Larry and Victoria Greene. Property address: 9781 Jeske Ave NW. Sec/Twp/Range: 16-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206031000160.
Lot line adjustment of an approximate 18’ x 95’ area between two nonconforming lots of record. Adjustment will result in a 6’ x 12’ storage building being 0.4 feet from the new side lot line and an approx. 240 sq ft accessory building being approx. 5 feet from the new side lot line (min. 10 feet required). Applicant: Judith and Ronald Libertus/Erik Lund. Property address: 11945 and 11967 Gulden Ave NW. Sec/Twp/Range: 1-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206086001011 and 206086001012.
Measurements and details are approximate and/or subject to change during the public hearing. A full copy of the proposed ordinance amendments is available at Corinna Town Hall for inspection at least 10 days prior to the public hearing. All interested persons are invited to attend these hearings and be heard or send written comments to the Township. Application information and a staff report are available for viewing at (staff report typically 5-7 days prior to the hearing date). A quorum of the Town Board may be present at the meeting, but will not hold deliberations or make any decisions.
Ben Oleson, Zoning
Administrator, Corinna Township