Letter to the Editor July 6, 2016

Letter to the Editor:
Since the city council requested input in an upcoming decision of whether to sell a city owned property or turn it into green space, I guess I would like to add a few comments. For years I have heard the Maple Lake City Council talk about how to attract new businesses to the downtown area. Currently over half of the businesses in downtown are located in buildings that are 100 years or older. The last new building to be built downtown was 31 years ago. At that time, a group of local merchants, professional men and townspeople called the Maple Lake Investors bought two city lots and demolished two very old buildings. They then built the building which today houses Wright County Community Action.
I can’t imagine that the city council would not take this opportunity to be able to sell a piece of property and have Lake Central Financial, Inc. put up a structure that not only would house their business, but provide space for other businesses, a community room and a possible space for the Maple Lake Library. The library is beginning its 8th year of operation. Last year the library had 8,296 visits by patrons who came to the downtown area, 4 days a week, year round while businesses were open. The library’s current building is up for sale and it has out grown its space. This would be a wonderful opportunity for the library to move to a new building and continue to serve Maple Lake and the surrounding townships in the downtown area.
From the Messenger’s article, it sounds like Lake Central Financial, Inc. is willing to sit down and negotiate a price for the lot and provide a building design. It would be nice to see a new business building in downtown. It would help revitalize a block which had a large empty space for too many years. Also, I would think the taxpayers would rather see tax income generated by new businesses rather than use taxpayer’s money developing another green area when the town already has the city park and Bolduan Park.
Sue Sylvester