Letter to the Editor July 6, 2016

Letter to the Editor:
Business as usual? No way with AJ…
Tom Emmer 6th Congressional District Congressional Representative, MN. was elected with high hopes to represent his fairly conservative district but has failed in many respects.
The Conservative Review has given Mr. Emmer an F for his votes that favored the establishment… business as usual.
During a period when many of his constituents are suffering from wage stagnation, jobs hard to come by (many have stopped looking for jobs), fears for their families future and loss of the middle class lifestyle, Mr. Emmer created the Somalia caucus with Keith Ellison ignoring refugee resettlements impact to CD 6.
At a town hall in St. Cloud last fall Mr. Emmer was downright hostile to many of us present that asked for a verifiable audit so we could judge if the UN resettlement program was financially sustainable for the tax base in place to continue support indefinitely.
Simply said there is worry in the 6th District. Worry about jobs, our schools, eroding of our tax base, aging of our population, cost to care for our veterans, public safety and our Second Amendment rights being preserved.
AJ Kern is a principle, constitutional conservative… (BS Political Science, Masters City Planning, business owner, army reserve veteran, married 27 years and mother of two grown daughters). She will work hard to represent you.
She will be your voice to support economic growth and opportunity and put jobs back on the front burner in the 6th District.
Vote AJ Kern for Congress Primary August 9. Call Karen at (320) 253-2652 with questions.
Thank you,
Karen Ament