Letter to the Editor August 24, 2016

Dear Editor,
Summers in Minnesota are a blessing and a curse. While this summer we have had some of the best weather we will experience all year, we have also experienced the deadliest crashes on Minnesota roads. Too often lives are lost in traffic crashes that were completely preventable had the driver just lined up a sober ride.
Over the summer, people aren’t just leaving the bars intoxicated; they’re leaving cabins, fairs and community celebrations. While some may think it’s okay to drive the few blocks home after having just a few beers, or take a quiet country road to their destination, it is never a safe choice to get behind the wheel after drinking.
As this summer winds down, we’re asking families and friends to speak up and refuse to allow their loved ones to get behind the wheel if they’ve been drinking. It’s not only the driver’s life at risk, but the lives of innocent people on the roads as well. For the safety of every resident in Wright County, do your part to keep our roads safe!
Pat Hackman
Executive Director
Safe Communities of Wright County