Letter to the Editor August 3, 2016

I am AJ Kern and I am challenging Congressman Emmer in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District August 9th primary.
Witnessing the growth of the establishment party in Washington, many Republicans have essentially abandoned constitutional principles our founders designed including limited government and protecting national sovereignty.
Today, our children face many challenges. With over $19 trillion in national debt and unacceptable national deficits, our children are competing with cheap foreign labor in every job sector as our GOP controlled Congress rubber stamps President Obama’s trade and immigration policies.
Republican representatives have betrayed our trust, voting with Democrats in support of the federal education bill Every Student Succeeds Act and Maloney Amendment pushing the President’s transgender agenda.
The Republican controlled Congress has failed to protect America’s borders from illegal immigration in addition to allowing refugee resettlement to become a multi-billion dollar industry.
Despite top intelligence director’s sworn testimony that Syrian Refugees cannot be properly screened; refugees continue to be resettled in Minnesota. We need to push the pause button on the refugee settlement.
Congressional leadership should pass H.R. 3314 Resettlement Accountability National Security Act, placing a moratorium on refugee settlement while the government accounting office performs an audit on resettlement costs, providing transparency and accountability, and H.R. 3892 Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act, requiring the State Department to evaluate the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.
You have an important choice.
Continue to support status quo establishment party leadership or vote AJ Kern.
A veteran, business owner, former St. Cloud Times writer and former planning commissioner, I am running a grassroots campaign and need your support.
As a Christian constitutional conservative I will not serve corporate lobbyists but, will serve you- the people of the 6th Congressional District. Vote August 9th or better yet- vote today!
AJ Kern
Sauk Rapids