Letter to the Editor October 26, 2016

It’s election time again and I would like to say a few words of support for Deb Geyen running for mayor. Deb is a life-long resident of Maple Lake. She went to school here as I did. She knew the city when it was a bustling town. She also watched its slow painful decline.
Now Deb is running for mayor after ten years of being a dedicated council member. She has seen the proactive work and wants to continue and expands this. She knows that business growth also requires housing growth. Housing growth means not only single family homes, but also affordable living apartments for so many that work in the industrial park.
Many of the employees are hired through temp agencies and in many cases drive 30 miles or more to work in Maple Lake. Housing is sorely needed in this area. And, yes, we even have people that live in their cars because they can’t afford the apartment spaces in town which are few. I have witnessed this personally.
She is greatly concerned about this and the need for more senior housing as more apartment buildings are changing to market rates rents. We have people that come from Mpls. and St. Paul due to this looking for an affordable place to live.
Bear in mind the baby boomer influx has just begun and Deb wants us to address the issue so our retired have a place to live. All of this will require land expansion for business and housing which she is putting a priority on.
Deb has tirelessly volunteered on every kind of event there is for years and years. She is also easy to contact. Just give her a call and she will be there.
I cannot think of anyone that would understand the needs and fiscal responsibility for Maple Lake better than Deb Geyen. Please voted for our lifelong resident Deb Geyen for mayor. She’s the gal for the job!
Joyce Swingley, Maple Lake