St. Tim’s added obstacle course to Marathon fundraiser

On October 3rd, there was an obstacle course at St. Timothy’s in conjunction with the school marathon to raise money for the school. Dawn Kincs, the principal of St. Tim’s School, and Father Meyer faced off for a good cause.
Principal Kincs raised $500 less than Father Meyer, giving him a five-second head start (every $100 gave them a second head start), and the race was on. Father Meyer had a good lead throughout the event, and Principal Kincs had to play catch-up the entire way.
The obstacle course had a lot of different challenges. The first part of the event was a free-throw and that led into the eighth graders who were in charge of the jump rope section of the competition, which they had to successfully jump 10 times in a row. Both then had to pick a pumpkin and place that 25 yards away at a designated area. Then came the jungle gym which they had to navigate to the end. Luke Carlson and Porter Pribyl, students at St. Timothy’s, then led them through the jungle gym and then into the hula hoop section, where both had to follow the hoops by stepping one foot inside each one. The next section was to jump on a ball from home plate on the baseball field to first, then return in a potato sack back to home plate. The last part was to make their way through all the students to the finish line.
“Father Meyer and Mrs. Kincs were great sports to take each other on in this fun but challenging obstacle course,” Rachel Pribyl said. Father Meyer came out victorious, but Principal Kincs was all smiles coming into second, knowing that the event was all in good fun and for a good cause to raise money for the school.