Legal Notice January 11, 2017

Notice of Mink Lake and
Somers Lake Open Water
Aerators designed to prevent fish kills create areas of open water and may be in operation this winter and remain in operation for the rest of the winter once they are started.
The aeration systems on Mink Lake (86-0229) and on Somers Lake (86-0230) located in Corinna Township, Wright County, MN, near the town of Maple Lake, will create open water in several places. Fishermen, skiers, hikers and others are warned to stay clear of the marked areas! Weather conditions may cause the areas of thin ice and open water to fluctuate greatly. Vehicles including snowmobiles and ATVS should stay off the lake entirely when aeration is operational.
EXTREME CAUTION should be used while using these lakes for the remainder of the winter. A WARNING SIGN with the “Notice the Aeration is in operation” will be posted at the Public Access and Thin Ice Signs will mark the areas where the aerators will create open water. (16c)