Thank you April 19, 2017

At Maple Lake Public Schools, we celebrate the many volunteers who give so much of their time to enhance the education of our students.
Volunteering provides for the basic human desire of being needed and feeling connected to the world outside ourselves. Without the generosity of our volunteers, the daily routines of our schools would have a different flow and the “extras” volunteers provide would be nonexistent.
As we move into a new era of technology, curriculum changes, and new teaching styles, we also are seeing some changes with the volunteer world.
A goal of Maple Lake School District Volunteer Program is to stay current with our changing society. In doing so, we are integrating a new on-line volunteer application called Volgistics, starting this spring when a new volunteer or a current volunteer needs to complete their orientation (this needs to be done every three years), we will be using this program. We are very excited about Volgistics and what it will enable us to do and offer our volunteers.
Community involvement through voluntarism offers people like you an opportunity to participate in efforts toward self-fulfillment, self-esteem, and a greater joy in your life.
Without any doubt we all have benefited from the generosity of all of our wonderful volunteers, your kindness never goes unnoticed, please except a heartfelt thank you from our entire staff and elementary student body.
Sincerely, Celeste Dahlstrom (District Volunteer Coordinator)