Ask a Trooper

Question: I want to install a lift kit and put bigger tires on my pickup. I want to comply with all the state laws. What is the bumper height law and the law about tires that extend out past the fenders?
Answer: Adding a lift kit and installing bigger tires and rims are very popular on pickup trucks. Anytime you make any type of modification or alterations to a vehicle’s stock suspension and tires/rims, it can change how that vehicle handles and preforms.It ca n also change the way the vehicle handles, steers, brakes and could affect its overall performance.
Below are a list equipment violations and safety issues that I seen over the years with modified trucks: Bumper height violations- With a raised suspension, bumper height comes to mind. The law in Minnesota says bumper height must be within six inches of the factory bumper height. The maximum bumper height for 4x4s is 25 inches. Bumpers must be at least four and a half inches tall and must extend 10 inches outside of each frame rail. The height of the bumper shall be determined by measuring from the bottom of the bumper, excluding any vertical bumper attachments, to the ground. A vehicle which has an original bumper which does not exceed a height of 30 inches may be modified by attaching a full width bumper to the regular bumper to meet the height requirement.

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