Board OKs guns in trap team photos

At their most recent meeting, Monday, May 8, members of the Maple Lake School Board held a short but decisive discussion on school yearbook policy regarding the inclusion of firearms in photographs of shooting sports teams and their individual members. The conversation was sparked by a recent controversy in the Big Lake High School District, in which a team photo originally rejected by the school, because the students are pictured with guns in hand, was later allowed in the wake of parental and public opposition.
Superintendent Mark Redemske asked the board, “If someone is shooting at a clay pigeon, does anybody have a problem with a shotgun being in the picture?” He clarified his question, adding that the firearm would be expected to be used appropriately in any submitted photo.
Responses from around the table indicated immediately that no such controversy exists in the Maple Lake School District.
Boardmember Joe Mavencamp said he believed the matter had been settled implicitly with the agreement to establish a trap team, adding, “If you have a trap team, they have a gun.”
“I don’t see any reason we should hide the fact that we use a certain piece of equipment, like we’re ashamed of it or something,” said Board Chair Joe Paumen.