School Extra: Read all about it

St. Timothy’s School has 113 students in kindergarten to eighth grades, 26 children in preschool classes, 22 teachers and support staff AND five Grandmas. When I wanted to find out more about the school I spoke with Principal Dawn Kincs, who was very generous with her time and information. She let me know that students from across Wright County attend the school and mentioned the recently completed building addition as a big improvement. She bragged a bit about the staff and the tremendous community support for the school. And then she told me about the Grandmas.
There is at least one Grandma at school every day and sometimes two or three and they help out mostly in the kindergarten and first grade classes. They assist the teachers with individual and group activities and according to first grade teacher Peggy Marquette “the kids love having them here”. Kindergarten teacher Alyssa Sernett, who has 12 students in her class, told me “fun activities are much easier to make happen” when a Grandma is in the classroom. I met three of the volunteers on my visit to the school and was able to watch them in action while waiting to talk to them. It was hard to tell who was having a better time, the students or the Grandmas.

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