The Retiree

I’m thinking of something funny for a column. Let’s see . . .
Wife had an operation. That wasn’t funny, but I’m sure something was funny. How about the robot that was used to do the hip replacement? Robots must be funny. Cartoonists draw funny robots. Hers, though, was so specialized that it didn’t look like a robot, but more like an electric pencil sharpener, judging by the picture I saw.
How about the weather. This is Minnesota, and we always have funny weather. It’s usually funny-peculiar, not funny-haha, and oboy has it ever been peculiar. I was told it will be over two weeks before we get someone to clean up the mess from seven trees that came down, unless the eighth one falls on our house, like the one that fell on Neighbor’s house. He won’t be laughing for months.

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