Brute’s Bleat July 19, 2017

We, Mike Muller, George Palmer and myself, picked the coolest day of the week to fish Maple Lake for sunfish, last Thursday, when we each needed a jacket to keep warm in the morning. The wind was blowing out of the northwest straight from Canada. We caught a lot of sunfish, but finding keepers was a definite problem whether we fished 7 feet down or 17. Muller told us about his recent trip to Florida where he went fishing on Lake Okeechobee one day with his buddy and guide, Jesse. He said they had a malfunction in the boat’s livewell plumbing and the boat filled with enough water to sink it. Nobody got wet, but they needed assistance from the local fire and rescue troops down there. Not the kind of experience he wanted, but he appreciated the response from the rescue people. . . Kip Blizil showed me limits of walleyes he and Dale Decker and their spouses caught in North Dakota’s Devils Lake a few weeks ago. The largest was 22 inches and I was impressed with the numbers. Wind is a problem on that lake, especially when you want to load your boat, he commented. It was blowing on the day they finished fishing and he figured he’d get just one chance to run it up on the trailer. It sounded like a hairy experience. Ramsey Lake’s “Big O” Paumen said they had the same experience with the wind at the landing. He was trying to help another angler and commented he was lucky he didn’t break an arm when the wind and waves got hold of the boat. Paumen said one of his sisters has a son who does guiding on Devils Lake.

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