School board approves levy questions

At its most recent meeting, Monday, August 14, the Maple Lake School Board voted to hold referenda on November 7 for operating and general obligation levies.
The first request will be for an operating levy to add $600 per pupil for 10 years. Calculations by Robert W. Baird & Co. project that this amount should generate about $520,000 per year, which would be used to finance school operations. Currently, the district receives state aid up to the first $460 per pupil unit, plus an additional $300 approved by the local school board. This operating levy would have no impact on seasonal recreational properties or on agricultural properties beyond their dwellings’ value, as a new Minnesota tax provision known as Ag2School provides a tax reduction to ag land owners by creating a 40 percent credit on farmland taxes for school bonds. Starting with the 2018 tax year, these funds, previously paid by ag land owners, will now be paid by the State of Minnesota, directly to the school.

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