Letter to the Editor September 20, 2017

What’s your thoughts on this tragic situation? A 21-year-old young man was served several strong drinks, four Long Island teas, in three hours at a bar and grill located in Wright County. The bartender bought these drinks for him thinking it was funny to extremely intoxicate him. He died by suicide one hour later with .25% alcohol intoxication as a contributing factor on his death certificate. This tragic death was our son, Matthew, on Sept. 20, 2015. He had no signs of suicidal tendencies that we knew of at the time of his death. We have since learned that severe depression can come on quickly for young adults. Information at the SAVE website (www.save.org) says that if excessive alcohol consumption had not occurred, we may have had an opportunity to help Matthew with his depression. Establishments that serve alcohol have a responsibility to protect those who patronize them, especially those in the age range of 21–25 years of age as they are still developing their judgment faculties.
Donna Rothstein,
Clearwater, MN