Brute's Bleat April 12, 2017

It looks like reality is coming back after a 75 degree Saturday, followed by a rain and hail on Sunday (.31 inches of rain), and a 40 degree wake up call on Monday. This is not unusual for April which can be about as fickle as months go when it comes to sudden weather changes. Golfers, who’s games have been dormant since last fall, like to get out on the links in April, just like the anglers. Both groups are subject to April’s showers and inclement weather, but it will get better. Take for instance the early bird flowers, Crocuses, are out and blooming. I came across some Sunday morning. Crocus flowers are one of the brightest and earliest spring bloomers. Plant them in the fall and these easy-to-grow bulbs will light up your yard.
My early tulips are still a good week away from and probably won’t make it by Easter. . . I saw four wood ducks flying across Linden Ave. N. apparently looking for a home. There are several wood duck houses in the neighborhood, but so far they seem unoccupied. Other birds that I’ve noticed were two pheasant roosters a week ago Tuesday, one on a township road and the other nearby on the edge of a harvested corn field. John Wisecarver, a clerk at the Hardware Store Depot, commented he’s been seeing both roosters and hens recently fairly close to the Chatham Twp. Hall. My daughter, Anna, and I saw a coyote run across Hwy. 55 east of town last week. It was running full tilt and heading south.
* * *
George Palmer and I tried Maple Lake for fishing on Friday. We waited until about 10:30 a.m. for the weather to warm up, but we figured we’d have to wait another week or two for the sunfish and crappies to get active. For the record we each caught a sunfish. George caught his on a Flyrod and mine was using a minnow. It might be prudent for me to put a lake thermometer on my wish list. I’m guessing the smaller lakes might be better and the Buffalo, Mink Lake channel was one that attracted a fair amount of shoreline anglers last week. Another possibility is Mud Lake off County Road 35 where an angler friend sorted out enough sunnies for a meal. He said the fishing pier and boat access are in place. . . If you want to fish Walleyes and don’t mind a long road trip the Outdoor News says Walleye fishing on the Rainy River continues to be good, but it’s all about timing. “Last week, water clarity was better than three feet and anglers were catching big walleyes and numbers. Clarity has diminished since, so there isn’t as many fish being caught, but the bite remains respectable. A three-quarter to one-ounce jig tipped with one or two frozen shiners was working best. All accesses are open to boats, and sturgeon remain active as well.” Turkey hunters whose permit was for the opening day, April 12th, shouldn’t have had to be too concerned about early morning mosquitoes, but the temps were predicted to be in the 60’s by high noon with a light wind.
* * *
We’ll need some warm and humid weather for the Morell mushrooms to do anything, but that might be a week or two off. A fairly good barometer is to start looking for those tasty morsels when the lilac buds are starting to pop, the wood ticks are out and the mosquitoes become a pest. So if you’re a new ‘shroomer, long sleeve shirts and trousers with the bottoms secured tightly can make Morell hunting more tolerable. Be aware too, this part of Wright County carries the wood ticks that transmit Lyme disease.
* * *
This is Holy Week for Christians throughout the world and Maple Lake churches began observing this solemn occasion with Palm Sunday, April 9. Parishioner and guests will have ample opportunities to hear about the days leading up to Jesus’ execution by crucifixion on Good Friday with special services throughout the week. Three days later, Easter Sunday, God raises Jesus from death a sure and certain pledge of raising all who are found in him. The story encompasses life, sin, love, death, and love overcoming sin and death. It’s also a weekend for families and friends to gather for the occasion and renew acquaintances. So a blessed and happy Easter to all.

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