Local photographer writes new book

Bob Zimmerman wrote this children’s book with the purpose of entertaining as many local children as he can. The book, “A Frog in My Throat,” is illustrated with Zimmerman’s own photographs.

Bob Zimmerman interacts with students last week before reading his children’s book “A Frog in My Throat.” Zimmerman read his work to kindergarten through third grade classes at Maple Lake Elementary. (Photo submitted)

Late last winter Bob Zimmerman had a cold, the kind of cold that deprives you of sleep and makes you sound as if you have a frog in your throat.
There is often nothing to be done for this kind of illness, except maybe to write a children’s book about it, and that is exactly what the retired Maple Lake man did.
A one-of-a-kind original - since it’s the only copy, anywhere - “A Frog in My Throat” has received approval from Maple Lake Elementary students as Zimmerman’s first audience. He read the book to classes last week with the help of mascots Freddy and Freda Frog. His goal is to share his froggy story with as many children as he can through whatever venues will have him.
The reading takes about 20 minutes and includes plenty of audience participation. The kids even get to name the characters in the book, who Zimmerman never bothered to name. Children learn a little bit about where frogs really live, and afterwards, they get to play with his small, green, rubber (not real) companions.
It all started late last winter with a sore throat, he said.

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