Letter to the Editor November 8, 2017

To the Editor,
I just wanted to take a moment as we head into a long weekend to wish all of our veterans and active military a Happy Veterans Day!
We are blessed to live in a nation with unparalleled freedoms and liberties, and it is because of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect American values both at home and across the globe. Additionally, I know that it is not only the veterans who sacrifice much in service to our nation, but the loved ones of veterans, too. Thank you to all the supportive and wonderful families of our military.
This weekend I will be thanking all of the veterans in my life, including my son, James, who is an army reserve soldier. He is a dedicated son, husband, father and soldier.
So however you plan to enjoy this holiday weekend, I hope you will take a moment to share your appreciation and gratitude for our veterans.
Happy Veterans Day.
Rep. Marion O’ Neill

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