Fire Report: Father and son rescued on Silver Lake

Maple Lake’s Volunteer Fire Department water rescue unit was pressed into action Dec. 7 when the firemen used their sled and water rescue suits to bring a father-son fishing duo back to shore.   The incident happened on Silver Lake, Silver Creek Twp., and involved three adults and a four-year-old in the late afternoon. The three adults apparently were getting a fish house set up on about five inches of ice when they missed the four-year-old who had fallen through the ice near open water. The father, David A. Hurd, 11263 Brant Ave., Becker, also broke through the ice when he went to rescue his son, Jacob. Both were able to get out of the water quickly and went back to the fish house, where they tried to dry off.   The rescue unit used a sled and water rescue gear as they made their way to the fish house. They hauled both the father and son back to the ambulance in the sled without further incident. Their vital signs were taken at the ambulance and checked out okay. The father subsequently declined ambulatory transportation.   Because of precarious ice conditions and open water, the other two fishermen were asked to leave the lake by the firemen and a Wright County Sheriff’s Department deputy and were assisted with their equipment by the rescue squad.   This is the second time this fall that the fire department has utilized the water rescue equipment provided by donations from the American Legion Post 131.   On Dec. 6th, 10:04 a.m., the fire department was called to 7814 106th St. NW, in Corinna Twp. (Dianne George residence) when smoke was reported in a crawl space. The smoke apparently was from a space heater and no fire damage occurred. Twelve firemen responded to the emergency.   Dec. 5, 6:05 p.m.: Fire alarm, no activity. Fifteen firemen responded.  Dec. 9, 4:26 p.m.: Grass fire at 9223 10th St. NW, Albion Twp., on property belonging to Larry Bowman. Photo on page 2. Due to dry conditions, a Burning Ban is now in effect for all of Wright County.  Dec. 2, 5:46 p.m.: Patient with apparent seizure taken to Monticello-B.L. Hospital Emergency Room.  Dec. 3, 8:53 a.m.: Emergency cancelled by deputy on scene.   Dec. 9, 9:44 p.m.: Individual may have injured ankle in a fall, but declined transportation.

Fire Department’s phone number discontinued  Due to the current phone system currently being used by the Maple Lake Fire Department becoming outdated, the 963-3333 will no longer be used. All emergency calls must use 911, and for non-emergencies call city hall at 963-3611.  

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