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St. Timothy fifth graders tell what they like best about coming back to school.

What I like most about school is being with my friends. I like learning new things in science. I like playing in Phy. Ed. Computer is fun if you’re good at typing. I like math because it’s easy. by Patrick O’Sullivan

The best thing is book orders. by Adam Jude

My best things in school are Science and Social Studies. I like learning about all different things. I also like Social Studies because you learn about the past. I like to see my friends every day. by Gerald Marquette

I like to be with my friends. I like phy. ed. I like recess. by Troy Swanson

My favorite thing about school is seeing my friends and sometimes making new ones. I also like the teachers at St. Tim’s. by Jettie Olsen

Math is my favorite subject in school because I’m good at it. I like phy. ed. because we get to play Capture the Flag. by Nick Gapinski

I love to read the stories! Whether it’s a mystery, earthquakes, a box, a ship, or history. But 70 percent of the time it’s interesting! Maybe I don’t read a whole lot at home, but I still like reading. by Mary Krutzig

You get to make lots of new friends and we get to learn about God. We get to learn how to read and write. We always have fun. When we get sick Mrs. Latour takes good care of us. by Bernadette Loch

The best thing about school is that you get to be with all your friends and teachers. by Erik Paumen

I like to play with my friends. And I like to play on the playground. I like Phy. Ed. and computer. I like doing art projects. by Hailey Sisell

I like math, phy. ed. and my friends. by Tyler Jude

The best thing about school is that it’s a new year with new challenges and a new teacher. My favorite thing about school is I get to see all my old friends that I haven’t seen in three months. by Trevor Borell

I like to come see all my friends. I like to put all my stuff in my desk. I like coming for phy. ed. I like the fun activities at school. I like to come play with my friends. by Victor Jude

You get to see all your friends again! You learn new stuff, you get a new teacher, new art projects! But the best thing is that we get to learn about God! by Sierra Bastien