Video filmed in Maple Lake

Maple Lake was the backdrop for a video on Thursday, Oct. 8, as a film crew used two sites in the city for a short drama that will air on Twin Cities cable TV and YouTube.

The film crew, which included actors Dan Hopp, Lynnette Gyllenblad, Jennifer Lauren and cameraman Tom Gilgenbach, spent the day in Maple Lake filming in front of The Den in downtown Maple Lake and in the city park.

The drama, “Crossing the Line,” featured Lauren, who also wrote, produced and directed the video. Lauren said Maple Lake was the ideal site for filming the story of two small-town high school friends who grew apart and bump into each other 20 years later. One the friends has done well, while Lauren said the other “has experienced pretty hard life circumstances.”

More information appears in this week’s issue of the Messenger.