Letter to the Editor: June 11, 2014


Foster care provider 
banquet was May 15
Wright County Human Services is happy to announce that adult and child foster care providers were thanked this May during National Foster Care Month. 
Wright County Human Services held a banquet for all providers in Wright County who care for either vulnerable adults or children. The banquet returned this year after a six-year break due to budgetary reasons, and Wright County staff are hoping to again be able to provide this night of appreciation every year for our providers. 
The foster providers were welcomed by several local massage therapists who donated their time and provided chair massages to those who were interested. A buffet dinner was provided. The evening ended with entertainment full of smiles and laughs provided by Mr. Magic. Each provider was able to take home a bedding plant that was donated, to share with the adults and children in their homes. 
We are excited that so many of our foster providers attended and enjoyed a relaxing evening. We can never say thank you enough to our providers for all the dedication, compassion and hard work that goes into welcoming a vulnerable adult or child into their homes and families.  Wright County Human Services is looking forward to honoring more foster providers next year. 
Wright County Human Services is recruiting homes for our foster children and vulnerable adults. If you are interested in hearing more about providing foster care for children, contact me at 763-682-7484 or for adults, Nesa Black 763-682-7489.  
Marisa Ferguson
Wright County 
Human Services

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