Legal Notice July 27, 2016

No. 2016–07-19
The Board of Supervisors for the Town of Silver Creek, Wright County, Minnesota, now hereby ordains that on the 19th day of July, 2016, the Silver Creek Township Board of Supervisors adopted the above Ordinance. Due to the lengthy content, a brief Summary follows:
1.01 Findings, Purpose, and Intent – Purpose for Ordinance
1.02 Election to Manage the Public Right-of-Way – Authority for Ordinance
1.03 Definitions – Identifies certain words and terms in said Ordinance
1.04 Administration – Township shall administer the Right-of-Way
1.05 Reserved for Future Use
1.06 Registration and Right-of-Way Occupancy – Requires registration before work in Rights-of-Way
1.07 Registration Information – Information to be provided to the Township
1.08 Reserved for Future Use
1.09 Permit Required – Requires permit for work in Right-of-Way
1.10 Permit Applications – Procedures for applying for permit
1.11 Issuance of Permit; Conditions – Itemizes the conditions for issuance of a permit
1.12 Permit Fees – Fees for the issuance of a permit
1.13 Right-of-Way Patching and Restoration – Repairing damage to road Right-of-Way
1.14 Joint Applications – Registrants may jointly apply for permits
1.15 Supplementary Applications –
1.16 Other Obligations – Prohibited work in Right-of-Way and interference with Right-of-Way
1.17 Denial of Permit – When the Township may deny a permit
1.18 Installation Requirements – Work within the Right-of-Way shall conform to Minnesota Rules
1.19 Inspection – provides for inspection of the work within the Right-of-Way
1.20 Work Done Without a Permit – Procedures for emergency situations
1.21 Supplementary Notification – notify Township of work performed outside the date of permit
1.22 Revocation of Permits – Procedures for default when user has failed to comply with permit
1.23 Mapping Data – Mapping information required to be provided
1.24 Location and Relocation of Facilities – Provides for the relocation of facilities
1.25 Pre-excavation Facilities Location – Requires permit holder to identify the location of facilities
1.26 Damage to Other Facilities – Township shall notify registrants of work in Right-of-Way
1.27 Right-of-Way Vacation – Procedures to follow if Township vacates Right-of-Way
1.28 Indemnification and Liability – Indemnification by Users working in the Right-of-Way
1.29 Abandoned and Unusable Facilities – Procedures for discontinued operations
1.30 Appeal – Procedures in the event a permit request is denied
1.31 Severability – If one section is invalid, shall not affect other sections of Ordinance
Ordinance 2016-07-19 a “Right-Of-Way Management Ordinance” shall take effect and be in full force immediately following its adoption and upon publication. A copy of the Ordinance can be viewed during regular Township office hours at the Town Hall. An additional copy of the Ordinance will be posted on the Township Bulletin Board and Township Website.
/s/ Mike Ludenia, Chairman
Silver Creek Township
/s/ Nancy Betzler
Clerk, Silver Creek Township