Maple Lake students have Irish Pride

Picking up a classmate’s books when they fall to the floor, offering help to a peer who may not ask for it, but is obviously struggling, or standing up for someone who is being bullied; these are ways students at Maple Lake schools demonstrate Irish Pride.
Irish Pride is part of a school-wide expectation system that is based on the following rules: Be respectful, be safe and be responsible.
“We take different parts of the school day, when they are in the cafeteria, the hallway and even the bathrooms, and we clearly define what safety, respect and responsibility looks like in each of those areas. From there we do what we can to reward students who display that behavior,” Judy Sloneker said.
Sloneker is a high school Life Studies teacher who has been working with the Irish Pride program since its beginning 10 years ago. It stems from a state initiative started about 11 years ago to teach positive behaviors in Minnesota schools. Maple Lake Elementary was one of the first on-board. About a year later the high school adopted its strategies.

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