Irish athletes have roles on MAML hockey team

Three Maple Lake athletes will play for the Monticello-Annandale-Maple Lake hockey team this season.
Senior Devon Lyons, although injured right now, will be looked upon to be a contributing factor every night, coach Eric Nelson said. He returns from a season last year of growth as a player and will be expected to be a leader.
Justin Fobbe is new to the high school program. This year will be one that he pushes to increase his skill level to earn a spot on varsity, Nelson said.
Scott Alm is also new to the Moose, although in a different way. He is a foreign exchange student at Maple Lake.
“Scott will need to learn the ins and outs of playing high school hockey in Minnesota in order to have a successful year in terms of stats,” Nelson said. “It’s great to have some new outside influences in the locker room as they tend to lighten the atmosphere within the room.”
The three bring a hard-working mentality that “most Maple Lake players possess,” Nelson said.

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