County to provide area for safe exchange program

In the modern technological era we live in, there are numerous ways of purchasing items. One of the more popular avenues of buying and selling has been going to websites like Craig’s List, Auto Trader, Facebook, Stub Hub, Car Soup and dozens of smaller sites that allow people to post items for sale and cut out the middle man.
With that new stream for buying and selling have come the scam artists who search out victims who think they’re going to get a great deal only to get mugged, robbed or assaulted.
Sheriff Joe Hagerty announced that Wright County is now providing a safe haven for these sorts of transactions to take place – the Safe Exchange Program. The program will allow such trades and transactions to take place in the parking lot at the Law Enforcement Center, providing security for both buyer and seller.
While the program is new to Wright County, there have been several similar programs popping up in Minnesota and throughout the country.
“Hennepin County was the first in the state to do this to my knowledge,” Sheriff Hagerty said. “I think everyone has heard of things like the ‘Craig’s List Killer,’ who preyed on people who believed they were buying something from him. There are so many of those types of websites now, where people sell things on-line often sight unseen. We just wanted to set up a safe place that is constantly monitored by video camera so people can feel safe when they make some of the swaps or purchases.”

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