County to open jail pod, could bring in $1 million annually

A decade ago, Wright County was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to board prisoners at other jails throughout the state because its own jail was full and a jail housing crisis was taking place statewide. When the county opened its new Law Enforcement Center, it was designed to be larger than the county needed for its own prisoners.
A decade later, the county has become a clearing house for other counties and the state. In 2016, Wright County took in $1.2 million in revenue to board prisoners and, at the Feb. 14 county board meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to open one of two unused 60-bed pods that is expected to generate more than $1 million in additional annual revenue.
Sheriff Joe Hagerty said that he has been asked for more than a year to bring in outside prisoners and began discussing with the county board about opening one of the pods because of the demonstrated profit that the jail has and will continue to generate.

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