House and Senate leaders take first steps to address state health care crisis

The Minnesota House and Senate began the 2017 legislative session with a plan to provide immediate and temporary relief to the thousands of Minnesotans who are stuck with outrageous premium hikes and canceled policies in the chaotic individual health insurance market.
On top of this immediate relief to Minnesotans, the plan proposes a handful of regulatory reforms to improve Minnesota’s health care system over the long-term.
These are just the first steps being proposed by Republicans to fix the present crisis created by the imposition of the Affordable Care Act regulations on the state’s health care system.
What are these first steps exactly?
The immediate relief consists of two components that are both limited to 2017. First, the plan provides $285 million in immediate premium assistance to people with incomes ranging from 300 and 800 percent of the federal poverty guideline. These are the Minnesotans who make too much to qualify for federal tax credits and not enough to avoid feeling the pain of the 50 to 67 percent rate increases for 2017 premiums.

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