Board holds off approving opening in sheriff’s department

For the last couple of months, there has been a lot of contention between the county and the sheriff’s department centering on the decision of Sheriff Joe Hagerty to reorganize his office, resulting in the job elimination of two longtime employees.
At the May 23 meeting of the Wright County Board, it would appear that things haven’t thawed, as Commissioner Darek Vetsch asked that a routine position replacement request put on the consent agenda be pulled for more discussion.
The position, a lieutenant in the sheriff’s administration division, was pulled by Vetsch because he wanted the board to have more of an impact in determining what the job description is for such a position in the reorganized sheriff’s office.
“We haven’t had any discussions as a group, but I think this is a good opportunity to refer to the personnel committee of the whole to talk about whether we need to backfill this position or not,” Vetsch said. “I just think it would be a good chance for us to at least brainstorm what we have as far as the staffing on that side. I just think it’s a discussion point. I just want them to at least present to us what they have as a management staff.”

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