Brute’s Bleat

Sunfish fishing took a turn for the better Wednesday of last week when the weather started to cooperate for George Palmer and myself. We chose Lake Sylvia mostly because we wanted to find some relatively quiet water and also to check on the sunfish spawn. We found a couple of fairly quiet bays, but no spawning sunfish. Palmer nailed several with his fly rod, but a spinning rod and reel was a better choice. He caught two huge sunfish and we had a fair number of medium-sized keepers which made for a fun afternoon. Wax worms seemed to be the bait of choice and plastic also worked, too. We both caught some smaller large mouth bass and a couple of rock bass, a fish known for a brief fight before giving up. We were casting toward shore most of the time and had to be careful not to toss our lures into limbs and bushes. One of Palmer’s casts was a wee bit too strong and his line was hung up on some twigs. The bait fell into the water and was immediately snapped up by a sunfish. He wasn’t able to free the line and the fish was hooked well enough so it couldn’t free itself. We manipulated the boat into the bushes and Palmer freed the line and held up the sunfish for a photo. Palmer, who lives in Plymouth, didn’t E-mail me a photo, so I suspect he didn’t want the notoriety! Janis sent along some of her peanut butter cookies which we enjoyed and shared with the access monitor at Sylvia. When we pulled up to the lake access boat dock to go home, a lady was sitting in a runabout pulled up to shore. As it turned out they were putting their boat in the lake for the first time and had picked it up from a marine dealer who apparently had given it a tuneup. In the process he hadn’t left the key in the ignition and they had no way to start the outboard. The lady said her husband was headed for the marine dealer. She kept a cookie for him. Their’s was a minor inconvenience, but the DNR lake access monitor said he’s seen a lot of strange things happen while people were launching boats, but the most exciting was when a fellow was backing his boat and trailer into the lake and somehow lost control and didn’t get stopped until his vehicle was far enough in the lake to have water running out of both of the vehicle’s doors when it was towed out of the lake. He said it took a big backhoe to pull the vehicle, boat and trailer out of the lake! I tried the same lake Sunday afternoon, but forgot to take the opening weekend of bass fishing into consideration. We, Anna and I, caught some small crappies next to the pencil reeds and then we were caught in a brief thunderstorm which chased us off the lake.

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